Ketan Manwar Residence

The apartment was designed with thoughts of the spectacular views that was offered from the top floor. Dark woods, natural stone, and effervescent fabrics are the most prominent materials that sets the theme for the house. We chose the color and materials as per the owner’s taste and likes as the pre-dominant color of the space. The presence of a deep blue hue against a dark wood-and-white space makes for a striking visual effect and sets a startling contrast to the rest of the lighter shaded space. The swing in the living room pays a homage to their ancestral homes and recollects the memories of their childhood. The projects focal point was the union of the two levels via an iconic staircase that occupies little space but has the maximum impact. Each bedroom has their own style, or more romantic whit a beautiful furniture piece, or with statement art pieces. The home theatre system at the upper level opens out to the wide terrace balcony with a semi-shaded seating arrangement – the perfect setting to catch a sunset.