Rakesh Patel Residence

Designed around the needs of its residents, businessman Rakesh Patel and his family, the bungalow is full of surprises with small nooks and corners, courtyards and verandahs that breathe freshness into the design. We tried to meet the client’s need for a contemporary home that maintains a sense of neutrality in design. Straight lines and clean finishes remove all need for extensive detailing, as has been the moto of our practice. Going back to the traditional pol home as example, the attempt here is to create a private living domain inside with a modern twist, which the entire house opens into. The bedrooms at second floor have a glass reinforced concrete screen which provides protection from the harsh sun on the southern facade and maintains privacy. The patterned brick wall surface provides an ideal backdrop for living spaces and major interactive spaces, adding aesthetics to simplicity and integrity. The end result is a comfortable and harmonious home with a contemporary and elegant adornment.