Founder and principal designer of the firm, Narendra Joshi rose from humble beginnings.

With a degree in Civil Engineering, he studied at M.S University and worked with some prestigious architects of Baroda like Ar. Karan Grover, Ar. Percy Pithawala and Ar. Moni Phukan, who became the pioneers that helped him immeasurably in expanding his vision and imagination.

KNA started as an unpretentious firm in 2007, but steered to an unprecedented & exponential success.

For some time now KNA - Founder Narendra Joshi and Principal Associate Pritesh Patel have made their mark in the city with a distinguished portfolio of projects in architecture, interior, landscape and product design in various scales and typology. Mr. Joshi strongly believes that it’s the process that goes behind a design which is worthy of all the drama. His priority has been building strong relations with the clients, understanding their needs, and delivering an outcome which is not just aesthetically pleasing but is functional and appropriate in that context.

As a practice, we believe in collaborating with people who share the same design ideology as us. We are sensitive and vigilant enough to know where to intervene and where to give freedom to the artisans to ensure better results from the process. We believe in transformation of existing into the unimaginable, with focus on scale, character, spatial and visual impact, use of material, construction techniques and project aesthetics along the way.


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