Prashant Shah

The humble abode of Mr. & Mrs. Shah is nesteled in the heart of Vadodara city. The chic interiors of the house is a gentle mix of some very basic standard elements used in classic style and some unique details with a touch of ethnicity.

Being fond of both modern and ethnic styles, balance was the key factor behind the design concept.  While putting contemporany materials and techniques is the need of the hour, putting it with just the right amount of antique items was the approach of the team. A very rustic color palette indicative of the warmth and traditions of our country and region has been used throughout the space

The entire pent house spreads over an area of 4500 sq. ft. and has two different levels within. Right from the solid wooden entrance door to wooden bed backs, the tetures textures engraved in wood throughout the house helps one understand different characters of the space. Some statement furniture pieces in the residece are vintage and have been hand-picked and personailty sourced by the team from different places.

In this age of adulteration, the need for having green cover around us is real. The pent house has a huge balcony, which is planned in a way to resemble traditional gathering space. Vertical hanging gardens along with refurbished art pieces takes one back in time.

The over all colour scheme is warm punctuated by neutral heus that comes in the form of tapestries and kota stone flooring strikes the right balacne. The sleek – stand alone steel staircase, a signature design of all our works, has been cladded in exposed brick to mark its importance in the hierarchy of spaces. We strongly believe that staricase is much more than just a traditional service space. It’s a piece of art in itself !


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